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Slightly Twisted

Blush Triad Elegance Earrings

Blush Triad Elegance Earrings

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  • 18k gold plated earring hooks x2
  • 18k gold plated hoops x2
  • 18k gold plated triangle charms x2
  • 10k gold plated jump rings 
  • Pink quartz x2
  • gold plated wire 

Indulge in the chic allure of our Blush Triad Elegance Earrings, where contemporary design meets the subtle grace of nature. Each earring features a sleek 18k gold-plated hoop, leading to a striking triangle charm that adds a touch of geometric sophistication. Nestled within this modern framework is a pink quartz. These earrings, complete with comfortable 18k gold-plated hooks, offer a perfect balance of trend-setting style and the soothing energy of pink quartz, making them an ideal accessory for those who adore a blend of trendiness and tranquility.

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