Meet the artist

Hi there! I'm Katherine, a soon-to-be graduate from UNCW with a degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Development and a minor in Yoga Studies. My world has always been one of vivid imagination and creative exploration. Ever since I was young, art has been my sanctuary and my voice. Growing up with dyslexia, I faced challenges in the traditional academic setting, but it was through art that I found my true expression and identity. My mother, ever so perceptive, nurtured this creative spark in me, ensuring I always had a canvas or a sketchpad to translate my thoughts and dreams into tangible creations.

This artistic journey has been my constant companion, from the whimsical room sketches of my childhood to the diverse artistic mediums I explored over the years. It was during my college years that I discovered the mesmerizing art of jewelry making. This discovery was more than just learning a skill; it was like finding a piece of my soul. It led to the birth of "Slightly Twisted" – a brand that is not just a name but a reflection of my journey.

"Slightly Twisted" is more than jewelry; it's a celebration of our unique paths in life. Just as I found beauty and expression in art amidst the challenges of dyslexia, "Slightly Twisted" embodies the idea that we all shine in our unique ways. Our quirks, our differences, our 'twists' make us who we are – they are the stories waiting to be told, the hidden talents waiting to be discovered. Every piece I create is infused with this belief, a tribute to the beautiful complexity of being.

As you wear a piece from Slightly Twisted, you're not just wearing a piece of jewelry; you're embracing your own narrative, your own beautiful complexities, and the unique way you navigate the world. We are all wonderfully different, each with our own 'twists' that make our journeys uniquely ours. So here's to celebrating these differences, to finding our own paths, and to shining in our distinct ways. Welcome to Slightly Twisted – where every twist is a tale, and every turn, a part of your extraordinary story.