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Slightly Twisted

Stellar Pearl Tourmaline Hoops

Stellar Pearl Tourmaline Hoops

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  • 18k gold plated earring hooks x2
  • 18k gold plated hoops x2
  • 18k gold plated star connectors x2
    10k gold plated jump rings
  • Gold plated flat round keshi pearl connector x2
  • Gold plated watermelon tourmaline charm

Introducing our Stellar Pearl Tourmaline Hoops, a symphony of celestial elegance and natural charm. Each earring is masterfully crafted with 18k gold plated hooks and hoops, providing a luxurious foundation for the intricate design. At the heart of the earring, a gold-plated star connector symbolizes hope and guidance, leading to a stunning flat round keshi pearl connector that exudes sophistication and grace. The centerpiece is a gold plated watermelon tourmaline charm, a stone celebrated for its balancing properties and ability to attract love and resolve emotional turmoil.

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