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Verdant Gaze Protection Earrings

Verdant Gaze Protection Earrings

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  • 18k gold plated earring hooks x2
  • 10k gold plated jump rings
  • green fluoride crystal beads x2
  • stainless steel gold plated evil eye charm x2

Introducing our Verdant Gaze Protection Earrings, where ancient symbolism meets modern elegance. At the core of each earring is a gold-plated hoop, from which dangles a triangular evil eye charm – an age-old emblem believed to ward off negative energy and bring protection to the wearer. Complementing this protective symbol, the earrings are adorned with green fluorite beaded crystals, not only adding an ethereal beauty but also known for their healing properties. Fluorite is believed to ground and harmonize spiritual energy, enhance clear thinking, and absorb new information. These earrings are a perfect fusion of style and spiritual well-being, designed for those who seek both beauty and balance in their lives

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