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Slightly Twisted

Lunar Blue Agate Tassel Earrings

Lunar Blue Agate Tassel Earrings

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  • 18k gold plated earring hooks x2
  • 10k gold plated jump rings
  • 18k gold crescent moon charms x2
  • Gold plated blue agate charms x2
  • 18k gold plated tassels x2

Our Lunar Blue Agate Tassel Earrings, combing the mystical allure of the moon with the serene beauty of the night sky. The earrings feature a mellow blue agate stone, known for its soothing properties and connection to tranquility and calmness, accompanied by 18k gold-plated crescent moons, symbolizing intuition. Completing the design, 18k gold tassels and gold plated ear hooks. 

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